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Save Time and Money

By keeping your units clean you are making sure they are producing the optimum amount of electricity. Cleaned Solar panel can improve their efficiency by 15% to 40% therefore saving you money. Cleaning a solar panels is not cosmetic, they need to be clean for them to operate at their rated capacity.

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Causes of Inefficiency

Accumulated pollutants such as ash from bush fires and wood heating, pollen and dirty rain. Additional factors could also include mould, leaf litter, dirt, dust and bird droppings. Rain alone does not clean your solar panels, just as it does not clean your car or windows! Even a little bit of dust – can weaken a panels' power conversion by 40%

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Benefits of cleaning

Solar Flairs' system saves you time, money and maintains your investment. Clean solar panels not only ensures peak performance it also complies with your warranty specifications. Our solar panel cleaning system uses less water and keeps your environment clean, safe, as no chemicals are used.

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Local operator

Warranty conditions on your solar panels require you to have them regularly checked. As part of our service a free 3 monthly check is offered to ensure that they are clean and are operating at their peak performance level, extending your solar investment! The reasonable cost of cleaning your solar panels in the long run makes you money.

"My installer doesn't clean panels. Shine on Solar Flair has done a great job. Thanks." G. F. Mt Beauty